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Name:A Little Death
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You awake nude in a cool white laboratory on a cold metal table, surrounded by surgical cleanliness. There are sensors taped to your body, measuring who knows what? You have no memory of how you got there or why you would be somewhere like that in the first place, and oddly, although the lights are on and the machines are beeping and humming nearby, there is no-one in sight.

On the side table nearby, is a neatly folded stack of clothing, your own clothing, five bottles of an odd blue liquid and a manilla file. The papers inside contain a startling amount of information about you, real name, age, magical and non magical skills. Information so complete that it's actually scary. And oddly enough, one of the sections focuses on sexual activity, everything you like and don't like, or mention of whether you've had sex at all. Things that no-one except you and possibly a partner should ever know. And more interestingly, this section mentions the relation of sexual activity to the ability to make use of special powers.

You leave the room unchallenged, finding the corridors eerily empty, although the building seems to be working just fine. Gathering up what you can, you head off, hoping to find some sign of life, or at least an exit.
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